A project focused on memorial and care through plants.
This body of research from 2018 looked at alternate connections to mourning specifically around an aloe vera plant that travelled through three generations in my family. Considering reciprocity of care, I developed a short nattive film exploring the intimacies matter left behind, using descriptive and experimental text it weaves through memories and myth: From Lazarus to Aloe as the plant of the immortal, to a personal history of care, and the precarious nature of things. Centering the plant as a point of exploring comntamination and collaboration it acts as a thread between states; inside/ outside, knowing/unknowing, flux/stasis.
Alongside the film cast limbs in pewter of the aloe plant are un-archived in open oak vitrines, both vulnerable to disruption and creaping beyond thier allowed peramiters.

This project led to the Seedlings for Solace campaign that i founded in the pandemic. It was a cross london community project that raised money for Solace Womens Aid - centered plants as a portal for growth and care.

AV 3G shown at London Grads Now, Saatchi Gallery, curated by Victoria Cantons, 2020 // Cosmosis, Xxijra Hii, co-curated by Yuli Serfaty/Gillies Adamson-Semple/Chris Thompson, 2021 // Orkney Res, sccreening and talk 2020// Woodsy’s, London, 2021